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Thank you for your interest in our business.

We are located in Ladysmith on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

We will do our best to give you the lowest price and a job done to your satisfaction.

If you want to know more about our services or our products that include:

Healthy Nutrition (Feel better in 30 days),

Healthy Home (Nontoxic, Natural, Concentrated, Biodegradable),

Healthy Beauty (Natural-Based Personal Care and Beauty Products from a natural nutrition company)

Healthy Weight (Inch Loss Plan, a plan for the rest of us. Real People with Real Success)

Our latest service is helping people to operate a Office Outlet from their home computer.

You can check it out at Alba Office for free, it's real,

but you have to work about 10 15 hours a week.

You can visit our Office anytime, by Appointment, to make sure we are home.

Phone: 1-250-245-4797 or 1-250-751-4797 or Email: ingrid@alba.ca

Joel or Ingrid will contact you ASAP


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